CAUSINDY in the Media

CAUSINDY has attracted significant media attention since the first conference in 2013. A selection of media coverage of CAUSINDY is listed below:

Asian Correspondent: What does the future hold for the special Australia-Indonesia relationship

The ConversationWhy stigma against victims of domestic violence persists in Indonesia

ANU: Connected by sea: youth conference boosts Australia-Indonesia relationship

ANU: Putting people first: ANU alumnus strengthening Australia-Indonesia ties

ANU: Smooth sailing? The prospects for Australia-Indonesia maritime cooperation

SecondMuse: CAUSINDY 2018 ‘Connected by Sea’: SecondMuse Introduces Two Ocean Projects in Indonesia

BaKTINews: Kontribusi Pemuda Dalam Peningkatan Hubungan Bilateral Australia dan Indonesia

Advance: CAUSINDY 2018: Bringing Together Young Leaders to Strengthen Australia-Indonesia Bilateral Relationship

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