Our Program: Darwin and the Arafura Games!

Darwin is home to the earliest records of our two great nations, Indonesia and Australia, in collaboration. CAUSINDY 2019 will be returning to this homebase, to continue our dialogue and build the bilateral relationship by connecting our nations’ young leaders.

In 2019, CAUSINDY is proud to announce that we are in partnership with the Northern Territory’s Arafura Games! The 2019 Arafura Games is a sporting and cultural festival which showcases the Northern Territory’s unique arts, culture, history and trade and investment opportunities. Representatives from the Asia Pacific region will come together in Darwin in the spirit of goodwill and understanding to foster the relationships of the region.

CAUSINDY is thrilled to be in the thick of it, collaborating with the Northern Territory Government to enhance our conference experience by being part of the Arafura Games.

Top-Down: Government, Business and Politics Panel

Bottom-Up: Youth Action and Social Activism Panel

The top-down panel considers the bilateral relationship from the perspective of state politics, defence and trade. In particular, the outcome of recent Indonesian Presidential election and Australia-Indonesia trade agreement will be discussed.

Specifically, speakers will be asked to comment on the role of Youth Action in politics in order to understand how the younger generation interacts with high level government politics.

Confirmed speakers include:

  • Air Marshal (Ret) Eris Herryanto (Asian Games Secretary General 2018 and former Indonesian Secretary of Defence)
  • Dr Ross Tapsell (Australian National University)
  • Nicholas McClean (University of Technology Sydney)

The bottom-up panel will discuss Youth Action in the context of social activism. In particular, the role of young people in making social change both within Indonesia and in building the bilateral relationship.

Our speakers will discuss social activism and youth from a number of perspectives including grassroots women’s movements and indigenous activism.

Confirmed speakers include:

  • Professor Pam Nilan (Newcastle University)
  • Dr Dina Afrianty (La Trobe University)
  • Dewi Layla (Founder of XYZ-Digital Contents and Co-Founder of Net Citizen Journalist Community)



Delegates will participate in an alumni legacy project that will be constructed across three strategic workshops during the conference.


CAUSINDY is partnering with the Northern Territory Government to help foster regional bilateral relationships through the biannual Arafura Games.


Social and networking events provide an opportunity for delegates to familiarise themselves with peers and the local community.

Our Delegates: Returning Alumni

We are excited to announce that 2019 will be an alumni conference. Having grown our alumni community to over 200 members, we are now inviting our alumni back as delegates to celebrate their contributions in the bilateral relationships and help us shape a strategy for Youth Action.

We will be selecting this year’s delegation from our alumni pool only, and will be curating a delegation with representatives from all our previous conference years, ensuring a broad range of knowledge and skills across government, business, the not-profit sector and entrepreneurship.

For those who are not alumni but are still hoping to join the CAUSINDY community, please come along to one of our pre-conference events in 2019 to be held in Jakarta and Canberra in February. CAUSINDY will also be returning to our usual format with an open recruitment drive in 2020, and we hope that you apply!

New in 2019: Alumni Legacy Project

CAUSINDY, now celebrating its 7th successful year, has gathered 180 alumni. This year we are inviting back a cross-section of alumni to develop an alumni legacy project. The CAUSINDY alumni legacy project will be constructed during three strategic workshops over the course of the conference. The aim of the workshops is twofold: to develop an alumni-led legacy project and, simultaneously, to strengthen alumni community engagement going forward.

The legacy project created by the 2019 delegates will be put into action collaboratively by alumni and the CAUSINDY committee. The workshops will be supervised by our four mentors: Prof Pamela Nilan, Dr Dina Afrianty, Dr Ross Tapsell and Kate Dennis.